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edited August 9 in General
Many things are happening in the world today, Many ladies are possesing homes that doese not belong to them not minding what will be the out come or what will befall them in future, A lady in a church, took over a pastor that have 5 children, using whatever she has to make sure that the pastors wife lives her home. What do you have to say over this?


  • The paators wife should stand on her feet and pray because many ladies are agent sent to distroy men of God and families
  • de woman should not be domain she should be clever an shine her eyes this ladies nowadays dey no send
  • Na so my brother
  • The Pastor seriously needs help, because people at times tend to forget that the pastor is a man and not an angel, blood still runs through his veins, and if he's having emotional issues, he could easily fall prey to the devil, the word pastor is just a title and it does not guarantee you that you'll make heaven, so please that pastor needs to be delivered from that lady, who wants to reap where she did not show, the pastor's wife should report this issue to the elders of the church because she cannot afford to die in silence, fold her hands and watch another woman take over her husband, most importantly the woman should go on her knees and table it before God, because with all things are possible

  • Well, this has already been said by scripture of so many things that will be happening in this last day to herald end time. I believe one atom of his word will never go unfulfilled; and i urge everyone to take his stand and not to be swept away by the perilous things of this end time.

  • We all need to be watchful.

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